Friday, August 21, 2009

Trolley Tour

I have mentioned my fascination with public transportation before when I took the Mountain Valley Shuttle back in December.  The Lake Placid XPrss Green Trolley service is also great for seeing the area and even better than the shuttle for people watching and you can jump on and off whenever there is a designated stop.  The stops are clearly marked along the route with estimated times of arrival posted on the sign. 

After having dinner with the ladies, one mentioned we take a joy ride on the Trolley since it is free.  According to our stop across from High Peaks Resort, we had about an eleven minute wait until I spotted one going the opposite direction and so I sprinted up the sidewalk to catch the trolley.
(I apologize for the quality of pictures.  
This was a spontaneous adventure and only had my camera phone.)

At first I was a little skeptical of how much fun this would be because it's the height of summer tourist season and thought we would be packed in like sardines, but when we hopped on board, there were tons of seats available.  I was also surprised to see more locals sitting there than tourists, there was even one passenger with groceries from Price Chopper, and then I realized how convenient the Lake Placid Xpress is for everyone.

We giggled for the first few miles and laughed when we saw my car parked at their hotel.  
At that point, I could have gotten off and driven us back to the other car that was parked at the opposite end of Main Street.  However, that would have meant missing the train station parking lot, the tour of the nursing home, and the most exciting stop at the ski jumps where a girl in the parking lot came down the hill on a luge with wheels!

When we saw the stop for Ben and Jerry's we quickly got off and learned that one member of our group had enough at that point because the odors from the people seated behind her were a little offensive.  I guess that's the down side to public transportation.  Good thing the ladies had their own wheels to bring them to Tupper Lake for Art on Park the next day!


Anonymous said...

it smells like fat people

Anonymous said...

where's the picture of the cute driver?

Along the Ausable said...

he's married! :)