Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Mission 2010

After last year's $7 bargain tree, we refused to pay the going rate of $25 - 50 and decided we'd take a walk in the woods with a saw in hand. Don't worry, we had permission at a secret location in Keene.

We contemplated cutting down a conjoined twin tree, but their trunks were connected at the very bottom and it would have made the tree stand's job difficult.

The forest was scattered with tons of scraggly looking trees that we considered, but we kept on hiking in search of the "perfect" tree. We also kept thinking the tops of the trees looked the best, so that is exactly what we did.

We found a medium sized tree that had dead branches on the bottom and a decent sized top. Drew sawed the tree down and then proceeded to cut it in half. The top half fell on my head, but I don't think it caused any damage. Here's the trimmed up tree being held by its proud owner.

We thought we had done a pretty good job until our 6 year old friend came over and said, "Where are you supposed to put the ornaments? There aren't any branches."

After decorating it, I think we proved her wrong. For a free tree, it looks pretty dang good.


JuneBug said...

love it! and it must smell lovely too...

L said...

It is lovely. I would expect no less.

We contemplated going "cheaper" than our little local shop this year by buying a tree at the Home Depot. It was a soul crushing experience wandering the aisles of trees. We couldn't do it, spent more, but felt better.

Michelle said...

I think it looks awesome- you can't but that sincerity at Home Depot and you don't get the bonding (with the tree and each other) even picking out a pre-cut place.
But what do I know, I'm Jewish and have only c0-bought one tree in my life :)