Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Covered Bridge Mystery

I notice things that most people never see and I guess I ponder things that others would never waste their time thinking about.

Like today for instance, I took great pleasure in being the first one to cross the Covered Bridge. When my footprints sank into last night's snowfall at the bridge's entrance, I wondered how long it had been since someone else had walked across it. Then, just a few strides in, I noticed something so peculiar. There on the ground of the Covered Bridge was a small pile of pencil shavings resting atop fresh snowflakes.

Weird, huh? I glanced around looking for other clues to provide me with some background information on the remains of this No. 2 pencil. There was nothing other than an old cigarette butt further down.

I don't know why, but I've always thought that at some point in my life I might be needed in a crime scene investigation and the FBI might ask me everything I know and can remember. I am observant and think that I'd make a good lady detective.

Not that I would ever, ever want this to happen, but if some child was abducted and they found her backpack with a pencil sharpener inside and evidence that it had been used just hours ago, my observations would be useful.

I'm just saying, sometimes it's good to question things.


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Anonymous said...

You may be 1 sick puppy!!!

Ann said...

I too notice things like that and think, like you do, that it may be the one detail the cops need to solve a crime! I don't think we are sick puppies. I think we are caring citizens. All the pencil sharpening criminals out there better watch out! There are at least two lady detectives on their trail.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...Sherloucks Holmes...none better for sleuthing!

Blonde Mom

Carole said...

There is probably a geocache hidden there. Could it be this one? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=105e2981-137e-48bb-ab8e-c4ecf7b2ebd3 There's usually a pencil inside the geocache and often a sharpener so one can sign the log. (A pencil is normally used because a pen's ink often freezes in winter.) A geocacher was probably there the day before and needed to sharpen the pencil to sign the log. That's my guess about the pencil shavings mystery. If I am correct, then I challenge you to find that geocache! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah Ha! She may have something there!

athomeintheadirondacks said...

Nahhh - I think Kim R was there - she uses a lot of pencils. Probably writing while jogging or biking or something!! :)