Friday, April 15, 2011

Bday at the Adk Cafe

My husband treated me to a birthday dinner at The ADK Cafe in Keene last night. It being mud season, there weren't many other people dining out, but three of the four tables that were there also shared the same birthday. Weird.

The ADK Cafe is located where Cedar Run used to be and we were curious to try it out. The first thing we noticed was how great the napkins were. Yes, for real. Drew piped up, "for paper napkins, I have to say they are really nice paper napkins." They come wrapped in a little paper sleeve with the ADK Cafe stamp and they are heavy duty napkins, cloth like. Okay, enough about what we wiped our mouths with and onto the food.

Drew started off with a salad. I don't remember the name of it, but from what I got to taste, it was delicious. Field greens, shredded carrot and cucumber, red onion and sunflower seeds with a really tasty vinaigrette.

I didn't order an entree, but pieced together my meal with the Caribbean Black Bean Soup and White Bean Bruschetta. Drew ordered the Earth Plate that came with roasted root veggies, savory beans, grains and greens. Wow, I just realized we ordered completely vegetarian.

We took bites from each other's plates and liked everything. It all tasted fresh and our selections were hearty, we definitely didn't leave feeling hungry. We actually had leftovers and to top it off because it was my birthday they gave us complimentary cupcakes to take home!

Next time we go we'll have to go as carnivores and order the meatloaf we've heard such good things about. That bacon, cheddar burger with homemade cafe chips sounded pretty awesome too. Or maybe we should try them out for breakfast and lunch. Ugh, I'm making myself hungry. We'll definitely be back!

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athomeintheadirondacks said...

Wow - my sister also shares April 15 with you as a birthday!