Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grocery Store War

The recent excitement in Lake Placid has been the opening of Hannaford in the old Grand Union location. This has created some buzz because now Price Chopper has some competition and it's even on the same side of town.

Recently I went grocery shopping at Aldi and bragged to everyone about how I bought the bulk of our groceries for a week and it only cost 40-some dollars compared to the usual $90 at Price Chopper. However, Aldi doesn't have everything I need and I always end up going to a few different stores to complete my list.

I was interested to see how the prices compared between Hannaford and Price Chopper and so I began my investigation.

Hannaford VS. Price Chopper

I selected three random items to compare.

1. Toilet Paper - Charmin, 6 pack, Ultra Strong Mega Roll

Hannaford wins! On sale, $5.99. Regular price, $7.49
Price Chopper - Regular Price, $7.99

2. Frozen Pizza - Freschetta, Naturally Rising, Four Cheese Medley

Hannaford Wins! Regular Price, $5.69
Price Chopper - Regular Price, $7.79

3. Beer - Budweiser, 6 pack

Hannaford and Price Chopper - Regular Price, $5.99

After this investigation, it was clear that Hannaford was the winner based on prices. Of course when you want real savings, you need to shop around for the best deal and that might mean going to both. The savings off gas from Sunoco with your Price Chopper Advantage Card is
worth gold right now, but a couple dollars off on gas could also be saved on a frozen pizza from Hannaford.

I am not a paid employee of Hannaford and their complimentary gifts of Sparkling Soda and Belgian Chocolate didn't determine the winner, but it certainly made my day.

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JuneBug said...

i think this post is kind of hilarious. i love comparison shopping. and... are those three items things you usually buy?