Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

WARNING: Potential to read "TMI" about the author

I'm a little lady and during the winter months I need extra help keeping warm. I usually stop using the razor some time in November. My friends like to monitor the growth on my "manly" legs and laugh. Maybe it's an urban myth or in this case some kind of North Country myth, but I like to believe I'm warmer because of it.

The change in temperature recently made me think it might be time to shed my werewolf style. Driving by "Town & Country," I saw it. Wax Room.

There it was, the quickest most efficient way of getting myself smooth again. Don't worry, I didn't go to the front office and ask about their new wax room because that's part of their ski and stay package. The only hot wax there is going to be dripped on skis, not body parts. There are spas in town for the kind of waxing that I need done.

I will spare you the details of how my legs got back to looking like they actually belong on a lady. As for my upper lip, that's another story. Kidding, totally kidding!


Ann said...

I think the owners of Town and Country must have read your slightly disturbing post. The Wax Room sign is gone today. I bet they were worried about being inundated with hairy legged ladies.

ADKpersephone said...

I thought it was for skin also!