Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bookstore Plus

Drew and I had an appointment yesterday in Lake Placid and upon arriving, found out it had been pushed back an hour or so.  So, we headed on down to the Bookstore Plus on Main Street to kill some time.  
You are usually greeted by the lovely dog, Flicka.  I am not much of a dog person since I've been badly bitten before, but how can you not love friendly Flicka?
I've never had her slobber on me or sniff me in inappropriate places.  She never judges me when I judge books by their cover.  
And when I buy a card for someone, I never feel like I have to hide what card I picked out and turn it around to only show the price.  
I also know that if I bought a Paint by Numbers Kit from the store, she wouldn't bark at me if I painted a number incorrectly.  
So, if you happen to stop by the Bookstore Plus in search of a good book, be sure to give Flicka a pet for me.

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