Monday, March 2, 2009

Hollywood Theatre

I had heard last week that the movie theatre in Ausable Forks was going to be having Ladies Night, so my friend Elizabeth and I made a date to go watch "He's Just Not That Into You."Ladies Night is a special offering the owner has from time to time where you can get together with your girlfriends and B.Y.O.B. to the movie!  

When Elizabeth and I went to get our tickets, there were two ladies at the counter, Sierra (the owner) and her friend, Vicki.  Turns out Vicki has been reading my blog and recognized my hat from a previous posting and asked, "Are you the blog lady?"  I replied, "Why Yes, Yes I am." Turns out Vicki just started a blog and so we exchanged information to go on a future adventure together.
I hogged the counter while chatting with them and it may have annoyed the people waiting to buy tickets behind us (sorry about that).  Before going into the theatre Elizabeth and I bought some popcorn. How could we not with such great prices! 
We settled down in the theatre and enjoyed watching the movie with other ladies.  Once seated, I realized that I forgot to ask Sierra if men ever try coming to Ladies Night?  I can't imagine many men going to see a movie like "He's Just Not That Into You" so it probably isn't an issue. 

I really liked going to Ladies Night and am looking forward to the next one.  Unfortunately, things are about to get real slow in the area and so the Hollywood Theatre will be on vacation until May 1.  At the next Ladies Night, I hope to see a theatre packed with fellow Along the Ausable ladies!


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alison, its heather. i really want to come to the next ladie's night. but more importantly, how was the movie?