Monday, March 30, 2009

Mud Season and a Confession

Spring is upon us in these neck of the woods and so we enter mud season.  After a winter's worth of sanding the roads, the snow banks start to look like this:  
Rather than calling it mud season, my husband calls it "Beer Can and Dog Poop Season." Charming huh?  Areas south of us are experiencing flowering trees and blooming daffodils.  We have beer cans and thawed out dog poop springing up everywhere.

I was contemplating all of this the other morning when I was walking a friend's dog while they were out of town.  Strolling along a side road, I was seeing just how accurate his seasonal phrase was.  

Then it happened, Gwen (the dog) went over to a grassy patch and pooped!  I know dogs poop and all, but the owner told me that she would just pee a bit and then I could bring her inside and give her one cup of food.  I didn't think she was going to poop on my shift.  I was totally unprepared to scoop it up in a baggy and bring it back to their trash bin.  I had to leave it. 

I am sorry that I added to this dismal Beer Can and Dog Poop Season, but at least Gwen's poop is a little more organic than this Natural Ice can I spotted. 
I may have left the poop, but I picked up the beer can in hopes of better karma.

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Anonymous said...

you left the dog poop! it's because all the dog poop (poopsicles) that was buried in the snow banks finally reveals itself. you should see my yard ...

and here's my favorite spring adage: april showers bring may flooding.