Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ausable Acres Adventure

Last week my friend Emilie and I were out exploring and came across this old water tower down in Ausable Acres.  We had noticed a couple pull-offs where we could park and a well worn trail that took us down to the river.  Here we discovered an old water dam.  This was off the beaten path and it felt very creepy being down there.  I just couldn't figure out what it was that was giving us the heebie jeebies.  

I had gone home that night and told my husband all about this strange place and he showed some interest in seeing it.  Today, I took Drew there to show him this quiet, hidden spot. 
 I hadn't told him about the eeriness I felt just one week prior, but when I caught up to him, his first words were, "This is pretty spooky down here, very weird."  

We carefully looked down the dam at the rapids below.  This scary feeling about the area wasn't just about the possibility of falling 30 feet into freezing cold water with no one around, there was just something about this spot. 

Just before leaving, I had turned around and found my answer.  There it was in a pool of still water in the old stone foundation, an actual human toe!  

Seriously though, this place is creepy!


kidsshoelady said...

You crack me up Alison! You made me chuckle when I read Mud Season (Your husband is right!).

This morning you made me chuckle again about your April Fools joke.

It made me think about when my kids were little and I would play April Fools jokes on them. We would laugh so hard. Now they're playing April Fools jokes on their own kids!

Keep up the good blogs!

Anonymous said...

yeah duh that place is creepy. its a criminal safe-haven. the crazy trigger-happy rednecks hang out down by the river! and i should know. ive spent (way too much) time in the acres.

p.s. this is heather

One of the ladies said...

This spot was actually auctioned off for taxes a few years ago, and my husband and I thought about buying it. The area above the dam has some serious potential!