Friday, April 10, 2009

Paul's Bakery

I had been waiting months in anticipation of trying out Paul's Bakery in Upper Jay and finally this morning I got to try it out.  Paul was open this morning for Easter weekend with a variety of baked goods and Easter treats.
As soon as I got to the door I could smell the heavenly baked goods!  He had way more than I expected.  In his antique cases there were muffins, scones, turnovers, perfect looking chocolate cupcakes, and bunny cookies too! 
 I apologize to Paul because this photo does no justice to his goods.

My coworker usually brings me a donut or some kind of treat once a week and I was way overdue in bringing something in for him.  I debated on buying the hot cross buns vs. cinnamon sweet rolls.  In the end, I decided on the sweet rolls and Paul packaged them in a nice box and tied it with a red and white bakery string, which I love!  Such a nice little touch.

The sweet rolls arrived to work unharmed and they were delicious!  The dough was nice and light, they weren't greasy at all and they had just the right amount of cinnamon swirl.  Oh, and of course I thought the icing on top was perfection too.  

I can't wait until this summer when Paul will be open more consistently and I can sit on the screened in porch sipping some tea and eating something scrumptious.  I can already imagine sitting on that swing on a Saturday morning before work.

If you are from the area, Paul will be open this Saturday too and I highly recommend going in to get a treat of your own.  Enjoy!


Matt said...

I wish paul a lot of good luck. This is comming from an old school baker.

Amy said...

I've been to Paul's. His baked goods are fabulous! One of our favorite spots to visit when we go to Upper Jay.

Nancy said...

This is the greatest place for lunch but we have stopped in 3 times and they haven't been sign of life at all. Would it be too much to post the hours? It's not like it's located "right in town." Will try once more before heading South. I still remember the BLT from last summer made with homegrown tomatoes and maple bacon...yum!