Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alligator Ice?

This morning when we were dropping off our dvd rental at Devin's, I noticed this ad for Alligator Ice in the window and wasn't really sure what it was.  From a distance it looked like an alligator holding a beer and I thought it might be some kind of exotic beer from Australia that had been imported all the way to our little hamlet of Jay.  I didn't think much of it and we said, "See ya later alligator!" and headed off to Plattsburgh.  

After awhile, crocodile got to me and I had to figure out what Alligator Ice was all about. There it was right behind the counter.  
I am very excited about this find because last summer when I was training for my marathon, I would go to Devin's after a long training run and treat myself to a Slush Puppy.  The Slush Puppy would cool me right down, but I was always disappointed because the consistency of the ice and syrup was never even and I'd have to go back home and eat my slush with a spoon.  

I've been told by the ladies at Devin's that the Alligator Ice is so much better than a Slush Puppy.  It almost makes me want to go out out and run 18 miles in 88 degree weather again! No, not really ready for hallucinating like that ever again, but I am looking forward to a hot summer day sipping some Alligator Ice.

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Gator said...

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