Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Digging in the Dirt

The rain held off for us today and we were able to start weeding and doing other maintenance in our flower garden. 
I realize that others all over the country have also started their gardening and that this is not unique to living "Along the Ausable."  However, I was a little shocked by how many worms I came across while weeding and was wondering if anyone else has noticed an abundance of worms this year?  
It wasn't just a worm here or there, but clumps of worms every two inches of soil I overturned. The worms were crawling everywhere and I kept having to fling them out of the way so I wouldn't claw them and cut them in half.  I feel a little bad that I was moving them away from their own little private underworld on Earth Day and all, but there was work to be done! 

Happy Earth Day to all of my readers and to the worms that live in your lawn too!


Anonymous said...

Such nice big juicy worms are good for your soil. . . . or for putting on fishing hooks!

Anonymous said...

Worms are good for your garden and are a sign that your soil is rich. Recent rain brings them near the surface. Glad you're enjoying the Earth!