Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Parking Machines

To some this might be a very dull topic, but for some reason I am fascinated by the new parking machines in Lake Placid.  Most of Main Street has new fancy parking machines that accept credit cards or your money!  I always thought the old machines to be a bit cumbersome because I never had enough quarters for the meter.  One quarter only gives you 15 minutes and quarters are sometimes hard to come by.  

I went into the Bookstore Plus and asked one of the owners for a demonstration.  Sarah showed me how you can use a credit card or money to pay for your parking and then a little ticket will come out for you to put in your windshield.  Her husband Mark pointed out that with the ticket you are able to move your vehicle.  For instance, if you are parked outside the News Stand browsing magazines for 30 minutes and then decide you want to grab a sandwich at Brown Dog Deli, you can move your car down the road and still have time on your parking ticket for a new spot!  They both feel that this will improve the parking situation on Main Street, but realize that there will be a learning curve for locals and out of towners.

For those of you still uneasy about the new machines, no need to fret, there are still some of the old meters located at the lower end of Main Street where you can use as many quarters as you want!


Ann said...

They have the same fancy parking machines in Montreal. There you have to enter the location of your car (the spots are numbered), so you can't move your car. I'm glad you mentioned moving your car. That hadn't dawned on me!

Cousin Jennie said...

How European!

Love reading the blog :)