Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Stuff Along the Ausable

This seemed to be the weekend to score some free stuff.   

For instance, if you know the exact dimensions of the windows in your home and carry a tape measure in your vehicle, you might be lucky enough to snag these metal window frames and screens. 

Perhaps you are shopping for a new bathtub or maybe a high chair without legs, look no further than Springfield Road in Wilmington.  If you take the tub, you can enjoy a cold six pack in your new cooler while you wash up, but don't think about installing that light fixture while taking a bath because you could get electrocuted.  

Maybe your child has outgrown the crib and it is now time for a twin bed?  Wes Valley Road in Lake Placid is the place to get one for free.  The first time I drove by the free mattress site there were four "like new" mattresses.  By the time I arrived to photograph these free beds, there was only one left!  

I took a clay pot out of this pile of items on Stickney Bridge Road in Jay and contemplated taking the covered litter box for my friends new cat, Pancake, but left it for someone else.

Not to offend any previous owners and their "free" stuff, but the best items were found in Lake Placid.  
There was a television stand, stool that could be nice reupholstered and painted, a red desk lamp, and brown planter.  This pile also had a toaster and iron, perfect for a new dorm room or apartment.  Whether they worked or not was questionable since there was no sign telling curbside shoppers if they were still any good.  

Do you think that's why the air conditioner that we've had at the bottom of our driveway for two weeks now is still sitting there?  
Maybe if we had a "Free" sign that didn't keep blowing away and clearly stated, "Works" that someone would take it.  Who wouldn't want a perfectly good air conditioner in the middle of September in the Adirondacks?  

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Anonymous said...

When you make that free sign for your air conditioner, add a note that it's easy to lift!