Saturday, September 19, 2009

Unique Mailboxes

As a kid, I frequently asked my parents to take me to see one particular mailbox in the town we lived.  This mailbox had the body of a tuba and when you opened the door it played music. People from all over came to see this postal creation in Norwood, New York.  I imagine that the mail person that delivered mail here secretly liked it more than all the other boring mailboxes on their route.  

We moved to Jay in a February when the ground was as hard as rock and left us with no option, but to have our mail be delivered to a post office box since there was no existing mailbox on our property.  We have one of those addresses that businesses comment on when I give them our physical address opposed to our dull PO box address.  Of course I can't tell you our address because if you came and stalked me you would probably be eaten alive by our ferocious hunting cat, Monty and our security system would go off and you would be surrounded by police.  But, they say things like, "That sounds nice" or "Wow, that's a great address." 
A frozen ground is just around the corner and I've been pondering if we should finally have our mail delivered to our quaint little address.  This leaves me with thoughts of what kind of mailbox?  There doesn't seem to be anything as interesting as the Tuba, but there are a few unique mailboxes along the Au Sable that caught my eye.

I have noticed a few Adirondack style ones made out of cedar and birch bark and a couple of painted ones.  This one compliments the blue house that it's letters are read in. 

There is this dog mailbox that doesn't bark, chase, or bite postal workers.  Probably a mail person's dream come true.  

I also found this fish mailbox that stood out from the neighbor's boxes.  I hope for the mail man's sake it isn't too stinky. 

Then there was the headless horse mailbox.  
I'm hoping that the horse originally had a head and has since fallen off due to weather or a no good teenager with a baseball bat.  

If we do decide to have a mailbox on our property, we need to make a decision soon on what type it will be.  After being obsessed with the tuba mailbox as a child, I don't think I could live up to having something as great as that, but I don't want to just settle for a plain black one either.  Hmmmm...decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

With your husband's ingenuity, I'm sure you'll come up with something unique!

One of the ladies said...

Definitely get creative...don't get one of those green, plastic, post-and-box-all-in-one jobbies!

baileyliesl said...

Remember the little tuba player at the back of the mailbox sitting with his instrument? (No.. not a REAL little man.)