Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recent Antique Acquisitions

My husband and I love searching for antiques and cool vintage items for our home. We try to make the purchases together, but most of the time we're alone and cross our fingers that the other will like it equally.

The other day Drew called me from his cell phone and I could tell something was up. Our conversation went like this:

Drew: Hi!
Me: Hi! Where are you calling me from?
Drew: I'm driving from Upper Jay to Jay
Me: Oh, where did you go?
Drew: Red Barn Antiques
Me: Did you find anything?
Drew: Um, yeah you're going to kill me.
Me: What did you get?
Drew: I bought some lawn furniture.
Me: Oh yeah?
Drew: I got us a ski lift chair from the old Pale Face ski area.
Me: Hmmm.... okay? How are you getting it home and how much did you pay?
Drew: I'll borrow a truck from someone. It was cheap.
Me: Okay, that's not so bad. I'll assess when I get home.

When I pulled in the driveway he had already borrowed the neighbor's truck and was in the middle of hanging it in our Maple tree.
He was so proud of his purchase and I approved.

Earlier in the summer, Drew had mentioned that he thought it might be nice to buy an old trunk to store blankets in. We found some beautiful antique trunks in Gabriels, but weren't ready to part with the amount of money the dealer was asking. So we held off and I found a trunk at a yard sale in Lake Placid for much less. I tried calling Drew at work to describe the trunk and tell him the price, but he wasn't there yet. His coworker convinced me it was a deal and so it came home with me.
When Drew carried it in the house, he approved. The only problem is, it smells like mothballs. I can't stand the smell of mothballs and refuse to put anything in it until the disgusting scent of old lady is gone!

Our most recent purchase we found together. Drew and I discovered it at Twigs in Lake Placid. Having just renovated another room in the house, we were on the hunt for a desk. There it sat in all it's glory, the old mail sorting desk from the Keene Valley post office. We fell in love with it. The desk still had all the old labels on it where mail would be sent. We took measurements, pictures, and decided to think about it.

We generally don't spend more than $30 on items and so we had to justify the purchase. I looked up prices of new desks and the costs were about the same, we spent nearly nothing on our anniversary and Drew just sold many items on Ebay. Also, the dealer had taken 15 % off and we couldn't stop thinking about it. Our decision didn't take long and Drew called to have them hold the desk for us.
Now the only problem is the newly painted Louisville Mint Julep floor and the Adirondack Green desk don't really match.

So my fellow readers, I'm asking if you have any suggestions on how to bring the two greens together and how to get rid of nasty mothball smells? I never thought a chair lift in my tree would be the least of my worries.


The Boss said...

I approve of this post!

Ann said...

If you're like me pretty soon it won't matter what color the desk is because you won't be able to see it under the piles of papers!

TourPro said...

Great stuff! And I agree w/ Ann, if I had that desk, my pigeon-holing would get way out-of-control.

eyeheartorange said...

I like the color combo! And I love that desk! My sister and I use a little mantra when shopping that we got from Oprah (no, we're not Oprahphiles or anything). Doubt means don't. Just say that to yourself when you're trying to decide on a purchase and if there's no doubt, then green light!

Susan said...

Wonderful desk!I agree that the color combo can work-the problem is the pure white walls.You need a beigey/yellow/tan or pink/peach/brown off white on them.....a warm rather than cool color that you have now.As for the trunk-charcoal or crumpled newspapers that are changed periodically in the closed trunk might work.Sunshine and fresh air would probably help alot too.(good luck with that this year)A good winter project.There is something in mothballs that is also supposed to be unhealthy-can't remember what.So they not only smell awful-they are awful!Good luck!!!