Friday, September 11, 2009

Gargoyles with Backpacks

Looks like the Gargoyles splurged and bought some new backpacks for the school year.  

 I hope they enjoyed their first week back to school!


hcfine said...

To the lovely along the Ausable River lady,

We thank you for writing such great comments about us gargoyles. We are new to the blogging thing, although my owner who is the father, does it all the time. We hope you will see this blog. We thank a friend for showing us your site, since we had no idea we had such a fan!
We are so sorry that you thought we were depressed. My owners forgot to decorate us a few times and felt very guilty for it. They promised to do better and will be decorating us today for Halloween!

So sorry that you stepped in poop last fall when you generously left righty a pumpkin. I doubt it was our dog since she leaves it for the owners to step in instead! She is a very friendly dog and her name is Daisy. We also have 5 cats!!!!

You are very good at sneaking photographs of us too! No one has ever known up in that yellow house of ours!

Thanks again for being such a fan, and we hope to keep you smiling each day!

Oh, by the way, we do have names... I, Righty am John and my buddy Lefty is Lance. They are the names of passed away fathers that are dearly missed, so we protect the family now!


hcfine said...

Sorry the first comment here was deleted, I mistyped a few words and didn't want you thinking that I didn't know how to tpye ha ha. So i edited and re-posted

John the Righty Gargoyle