Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life Size Dollhouse

The house on the corner of 86 and 9N in Jay has seen better days.

There is a creek that runs through the base of the house and I don't think it did much to help it structurally over the years.

Slowly, the house has been falling down room by room and has become a life size dollhouse. Everyday I drive by and am reminded of my childhood because oddly, the cross section resembles the layout of the rooms in the dollhouse my father built for my sister.

Being the younger sister meant that her toys got passed on to me when she moved onto teenage actvities. That dollhouse was one of my favorite playtime activities. I remember spending hours removing all the furniture from the rooms and redecorating.

When I opened the doors and roof to the dollhouse yesterday, furniture was tossed around from it being moved around the basement. Without even thinking, I moved the items into the rooms the same way I did 25 years ago.

Sometimes the bird cage and sewing machine would be placed on opposite sides of the red house, but most of the time they were grouped together. I'm not really sure what made me think that sewing and song birds went together at the age of six, but what kind of doll wouldn't want to sew in the company of a bird?

Looking back, it may have been what my sister had done all along and I've always admired her decorating skills. I can't imagine matching the gold on the sewing machine with the bird cage all by myself, but these are things I find myself doing as an adult.

The rocking chair and side table were placed in the green stairwell room. Unfortunately, due to where my father is storing the dollhouse, I couldn't get to the rooms on the other side of the house to find the miniature green vase that is supposed to go on the table.

From this stairwell room, I peeked into the master bedroom and noticed that the father was lying in bed with a blonde while the mother was down in the orange kitchen putting salad on the table! Looks like the plastic people have been up to no good.

I wonder if a similar scandal happened at the life size dollhouse on the corner because someone got a little angry and spray painted "Dick" in the bottom right room.

People need to keep in mind that when you live in a dollhouse, your whole life is exposed and people might start making up stories about you.


Ann said...

Very cute post! The last few paragraphs gave me a good laugh. Thanks!

Laura said... are sooooo funny, and RIGHT, and observant! LOVE THIS POST!

Martha said...

HA! I seem to remember that one day the whole side of the house was that right?

I also love that there is a toy train in the back yard...perhaps someone is creating a demented toyland right here in the Ausable valley?

jenkaz said...

You are too much!! This post gave me a much needed laugh!!!!

Jenny said...

Loved this post. Kind of awesome.

Liesl said...

I LOVED that dollhouse! I remember playing with it in the playroom, what would later be your Dad's home office.

L said...

What is it about exposing the inside of a building like that? It's like it makes inside life into a play.

Michele Croot said...

I loved this :)

Martha said...

They decided not to let us see inside anymore! They must have read this!