Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Liquids & Solids

If you haven't been to Liquids & Solids at the Handlebar, you need to drop everything and go because this gastro pub is to die for. They've only been open for a month, but it seems like T & K are already in their groove. Their Liquids Menu offers a great selection of beer that you normally can't get in our neck of the woods along with wine, and interesting cocktails.

Looking at the Solids Menu and talking to friends at the table next to us, we knew there was no way we could go wrong with our picks. We decided on sharing three smalls and because it was all so amazing, Drew and I rotated the plates every few bites. My usual descriptions are missing because he's a fast eater, I had to keep up. There was no way I was going to miss out on my fair share of all the foodie goodness.

warmed panzanella, arugula, pesto, and honey horseradish vinaigrette

sweet and spicy rice noodle salad, pea shoots, bean sprouts, peanuts, dried mango, cilantro with crispy tofu.

grilled Boston blue fish, lemon pudding, cornbread french toast, crispy onions.

It was really hard to eat this food.

Um, NOT!

Oh, and how could I forget the Sweet?

lavender creme brulee and preserved lemon

It was such a treat for us to go out for dinner and we were more than satisfied when we left. However, last night I dreamt about going back for the burger I saw come out with cheese curds, eating poutine and washing it all down with mint chocolate pie. Swoon.

Are you salivating yet? Give them a try, you won't be sorry.

Liquids and Solids is open Tuesday - Sunday from 4 - 11 pm. They are located just down the street from the train station across from Lamb Lumber.


Michele Croot said...

holy yum.

JuneBug said...

toooootally salivating... lucky to have nearby, huh?

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a place to try while adventuring with your Mum.


eyeheartorange said...

The name is sort of gross, but the food looks great!