Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon Party

Last night Cascade Ski Center held one of their infamous full moon parties.  You can puchase a trail ticket to explore Cascade's trails in pursuit of hot dogs and beverages or you can just buy a ticket to hang out in the Lodge to drink and listen to music.  

Once we finally found Jen, we were off to explore the trails by moonlight.  It is really a lot of fun racing by people that have fallen on the side of the trail.  I wasn't really sure if they had gone down because they weren't great skiers, someone pushed them, or they were drunk.  

After skiing for a bit, you come to bonfire #1  where you can cook a hot dog and have some hot cocoa or get a beer from the keg.  
Drew went for some hot chocolate since the people at this bonfire were chanting, "We want the keg, We want the keg."  Right before we skied off, a snowmobile came to tap the keg and a crowd formed around to wait for their ice cold beer.  

I realize this might sound very high schoolish and all, having a kegger in the woods, but it really wasn't like that.  There were people of all ages hanging out enjoying themselves in the snowy woods.  I even thought it was a little magical skiing through the woods with only the light of the moon and some scattered lanterns.  You would pass people snowshoeing and I imagined that they were little Nordic gnomes.

We got to Bonfire #2 and Jen and I got right in there for our beer.  We enjoyed sipping our beer by the fire and listening to the crowd's antics.  I liked the vibe more at #2 because it was less fraternity-ish and these people had to do a little ski work to get here.

We definitely didn't drink our $15 ticket price in beer, but we were having a lot of fun exploring the trails.  As usual I was in the back, but made sure Jen and Drew could hear me by yelling, "WOO WOO, WOO WOO!" down the hills.  Occasionally, they would stop and wait for me.
I'm pretty sure they were having a good time too.

We headed back to the Lodge where it was packed with people waiting for the band to play their next set.  We didn't stick around for the music and didn't get drunk on the beer, but I definitely felt we got our money's worth.  When we parted, Jen said, "We'll be back next month."


Courtney said...

That is FUN! I miss xc skiing SO much. And snow.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo jealous of this great time. Maybe some day...

I felt I was right there with you.

Sincerely green with envy,