Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lake Placid Pizza Company

A few years back someone started quite the project renovating an old garage on the corner of Wes Valley Road and Saranac Ave in Lake Placid.  For what, I was never really sure of.  Ever since the renovation, signs have been in the windows advertising rental space available. Every time I would drive by, I would wonder when or if someone was going to turn this place into something.  Well, I am excited to report that the Lake Placid Pizza Company, formerly known as Mountain Valley Pizza has taken up residence in the back of the building.  I'm not really sure why they changed their name, but I won't get into that.  I was getting together with some coworkers and we thought we'd give them a try and take them up on the free delivery on a freezing cold night.  The gals decided to order up some garlic bread sticks and of course, a pizza.

We had ordered the bread sticks with pizza sauce and garlic butter for dipping.  You can order it with nacho cheese sauce, but we passed on that.  We all really liked the bread sticks, but thought they could have been a bit more garlicky, but that is coming from a group of garlic lovers.
We preferred the pizza sauce over the garlic butter sauce.  H thought at first the garlic butter sauce tasted a bit like mayonnaise. Unfortunately after further tasting it, she noticed a clump of flour in the bottom.  This was definitely not a pleasant addition, but we decided to let it slide since the breadsticks were so good and thought of it as a positive proving that their food is homemade. 

L, our pepperoni lover, had us order a pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese.  
We all really liked their sauce.  I personally thought the pizza was cooked perfectly since the bottom was not black or loaded with flour, it didn't taste like cardboard to me like another popular pizza place in town does.  However, H prefers her crust to be crispier and likes the cardboard taste of the other place.  

Overall, we gave the pizza a 7 out of 10.  We all decided that we'd order from Lake Placid Pizza Co. again and help keep the back space of the building in business. 


Anonymous said...

For whatever reason M&V Pizza changed their name doesn't matter to me, I was a fan of their pizza then and am happy they are back in biz. And ya gotta love them for delivering too!

Along the Ausable said...

Looks like they come and gone again. :(