Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ward Theater

Last night Larry Stone and Friends kicked off the 2009 Covered Bridge Coffee House program at the Amos & Julia Ward Theater in Jay.  It was the kind of night you just wanted to stay indoors because it was so cold, but we made plans with Elizabeth and Kevin to attend.  We met at our house and made the walk across the covered bridge and up to the Ward Theater.  The Ward Theater is a great gathering spot where classes, musical performances, meetings, and lectures are held.  Drew and I had been to a lecture on the Covered Bridge in late fall and remember thinking how great it is that our small town has a place like this where people can meet.  
Last night, the Theater was packed with people to see the first performance of the year and once we were seated Elizabeth said, "There's so many people here we know, it will be an exciting intermission."  People of all ages and walks of life were here to see Larry Stone and Friends.  Featured with Larry Stone was members of the Stoneman Blues Band, along with Annie Stoltie Sprague playing the violin with the group for a few songs.  Their music might be described as anything from country to blues.  I really enjoyed the music last night, but I must admit that I do have a soft spot for anything Drew and Annie are a part of since they played at our wedding and Annie was on my high school track relay team.

The crowd seemed to like the show also with people bobbing their heads up and down and tapping their feet.  As far as I'm concerned if the kids are moving around to the music and smiling, it's a good concert. The girl seated in front of us waved her hand in the air following the reflection on the ceiling of one the guitars and bounced up and down on her father's lap.  

It was a fun night and good to see so many people from the area out and about despite the cold temperatures.  I was glad we left the comforts of our warm, little home and ventured out. When we got back home and made some tea and cocoa I asked everyone what they thought of the night and Kevin said, "Makes me feel more excited about the Jay community."  Elizabeth agreed adding, "It's not about the concert, I just really liked seeing people in the community. But, the music was really good too."

There are many other performances scheduled through the winter and I really think it helps ward off cabin fever.  We all know living in the Adirondacks during the winter can be tough. Until the next show, keep warm and happy!

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