Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favorites From the Lake Placid Half Marathon

Today was marathon day in Lake Placid and I had decided to help my friend Sarah out with her first half marathon.  This was a lot of fun for me since I was out there for her and didn't have to concern myself with getting a personal best.  Normally before a race I get all nervous and freaked out, but today I was relaxed and ready to have fun!  

Here is a run down of a few of my favorite things from today!

"Favorite Outfit" went to the man wearing a t-shirt that said, "Size Does Matter, 26.2." He got extra points for coordinating it with a zebra hat and flame zebra spandex shorts!

"Favorite Friend" went to Amy for finding some sunscreen for me and meeting us just before 3 miles.  Here I am holding the camera above me while she slathered me up so I didn't turn into a lobster! 

I should probably give "Favorite Coworker" to Steve for working for me today, but Nancy wins "Favorite Coworker" because she helped pass out water to all the runners for a wonderful organization "Run for Dad.

On that note, my "Favorite Accessory" of the day was the tattoo that I received in my runner's pack. 
Run For Dad is committed to raising awareness about prostate cancer and stressing the importance of early detection as a life saver.  I was proud to wear this tattoo and celebrate the health of all the men in my life, especially my Dad!  

As Sarah and I settled into the race, we were able to enjoy the beautiful day.  Here is a shot of my "Favorite View" along the Ausable River with lupine.

I was very excited about the pizza at the end of the race and the large supply of gu that I came home with.  However, my "Favorite Food" of the day was an orange. 

"Favorite Moment" of the day goes to Sarah for finishing her first half marathon and being able to run it in with her daughter!  Her son was there too, but like most little boys he wanted to sprint in on his own.   

What a great race!


TC said...

Fun day!! We me the zebra guy, Arnie, when he came in for a massage. He's done 113 marathons!

Anonymous said...

favorite racer-the frecklie mary engelbreit girl in the baggy tights:)

runnerdudeblog said...

I love the tatoo! It would be awesome if you could email me a sketch of the image or a larger picture of it. Been looking for a good running image for a tatoo. My email is