Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome Signs

Has anyone else noticed how "Welcoming" the businesses in Wilmington are this summer?

For instance, the Alpine Country Motel welcomes 
Fishermen and Riders.  

Cyclists are welcome there too!  

If you are a Rider staying at that motel, take note that you can grab a bite to eat at Steinhoff's Restaurant where Bikers are welcome.

North Pole Resorts is kind enough to welcome Big Rigs.  

Triathletes were once welcomed at a motel in Lake Placid, but when I went back to take a picture, the sign was no longer there.  It makes me wonder if they had an unruly triathlete that ruined it for other Ironman competitors that would have liked to stay there.  Don't fret triathletes, you are one third cyclist, so you can book a room back in Wilmington where you are clearly Welcome!

I have not seen a sign advertising, "Welcome Runners That Don't Want to Do the Dishes."  If I do, I'll be booking a room for the night.


One of the ladies said...


klam said...

Hi there, I'm enjoying reading your blogs of the area - thx a mint for taking the time to do them!

I'm planning on visiting the area next weekend. If you don't mind me asking a question...should we do the Whiteface gondola first thing in the morning, or do the Veterans Memorial hwy first?

If we do one, is it still worth doing the other?

We're heading from Ray Brook and will be carrying on to Ausable Chasm after Whiteface. Appreciate any recs you might have on this! (=

Along the Ausable said...

Klam - It depends on the weather, but if I had to pick...I would drive up the Whiteface Memorial Highway because it gives you better views. On a clear day you can see as far as Montreal! Have fun!

klam said...

Thx a mint for the reply. I look fwd to exploring your little piece of paradise (=