Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Adirondack Trail Run

Today was the running of the 5th Annual Great Adirondack Trail Run.  This is a charity event that helps support the Au Sable and Bouquet River Associations.  There is a strenuous 11.5 mile trail run and also the 3.5 mile Fun Run over Baxter Mountain for all ages and abilities.  

I had volunteered to assist with the event and was on hand to help out with the Fun Run.  I was there to draw numbers on peoples bodies and to make sure those bodies got out of the woods. With all the rain we have been having, the conditions were pretty muddy and slippery and was very glad there were no bloody bodies for me to pick up on the sweep through. 

My friend Heather ran the 11.5 mile race and looking at her backside, I'm thinking she may have been sliding on her butt for half the race. 

Matthew didn't really say how he got his bloody elbow.  All runners were accounted for and there were no complaints about a fight club in the woods, so I am pretty sure it was just an altercation with a rock.  

Matthew and Heather didn't seem to0 upset since Matthew was second in the race and Heather was second in her age group.  They were all smiles showing off their prizes, new sneakers to get muddy and bloody in again!  

Maybe next year they will get their names on the Golden Trail Shoe Trophy.  It's a tough race, but George has won it three times now and appears to be a pro at drinking his beer out of it.

Congratulations to all participants of the Great Adirondack Trail Run, it was a fun muddy day!


Tera said...

whoah! Not ready for the bloody elbow shot this Sunday morning! At least it's not my bloody elbow. Those trail runs are killer.

Anonymous said...

great job everyone! george is an animal! but he better watch out. the young bucks are coming for him next year!