Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exception to the Rule

When I started this blog, I had one rule, it has to be "Along the Ausable" in order for me to write about it.  Friends have suggested that I break my rule and write about things like the Ice Palace in Saranac Lake, camping at Fish Creek, a funny ceramic "Dutch Boy" that I noticed under a road bridge on I-87 coming back from Plattsbugh.  I always said, "But, it's not along the Ausable."  Tonight, I will break my rule.  

Over the weekend, my husband ran the Vermont 100.  Yes, that's right he ran 100 miles and did it all under 24 hours!  By breaking 24 hours in this race, he earned himself a belt buckle.  Oh, and no he is not insane, he is awesome! 

Here is a picture of us 6 hours after the finish with our friend Jan, who paced Drew the last 30 miles through the night.  

Technically, I haven't really broken my rule because this runner lives with the Along the Ausable blog lady!


Anonymous said...

He really did do awesome. We should be very proud of our men :)

eyeheartorange said...

that's amazing! I have a new found respect for ultra marathoners after our 20 in 24 relay... It put distance running in a new light for me, I felt like the total marathon I ran was nothing compared to the rockstars around us. Congrats, Drew!

I have not been on FB much lately, my account keeps getting hacked. My email is terapike@yahoo.com, drop me a line :)

Felice said...

that's so amazing, ali!! must have been fun to be a part of that energy.