Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Memories at Lisa G's

Selfishly, I have been putting off writing about Lisa G's because it is our favorite restaurant in the area and am always afraid that if too many people know about it, it might ruin a good thing. Alas, here I am blogging about it for the world to see.I have been going to Lisa G's for years and have had so many great memories here.  At this restaurant I have had some of the best dinner dates with Drew, drinks with good friends accompanied by fits of laughter, having our rehearsal dinner, and also a short lived career as a waitress.

Tonight we got together to share drinks and dinner with our great friend Jen before she leaves for graduate school out West.  Here is the guest of honor with the delicious Toni Basil.  
We tasted her drink of vodka, crushed basil, and lemonade and all agreed it was awesome (sipped with our own straws of course)!

I am confident in saying that Lisa G's has the best burger in town.  Jen and I both ordered Le Burger.  She ordered hers with a side of sweet potato fries, but I went for the regular fries with a side of horseradish mayo. 
Have you ever seen a more scrumptious burger?  Jen said it was, "Gooo-oood!"  Although we ordered different fries, we both thought they were addictive.

Amy ordered My Big Fat Greek Salad.  This is a dinner for one or a salad to share amongst many.  It comes with grilled chicken, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, kalamata olives, and a side of creamy feta dressing.
Amy said, "This is great, very fresh and delicious, but it's not the Isosceles Salad."  The Isosceles Salad hasn't been on the menu in a couple years, but it is still missed by many.  We asked Ms. Lisa G herself why the Isosceles Salad ever went off the menu and she said it wasn't that popular and it was very difficult to make with the spanakopita as the feature ingredient. It might not have been popular to other customers, but with my group of friends it was a favorite and always made an appearance at the table.  Another friend that sadly moved away loved that salad so much she has tried to re-create it in her kitchen.

Drew was the brave one out of the group tonight and ordered a couple new items.  He started with Carrot Ginger Soup and then had the Kielbasa and Polenta Plate.  Drew said the soup was "really good" and the grilled kielbasa with creamy cheddar polenta topped with onions and peppers was "spicy and creamy!  Also very good."
Ruby, my favorite five year old, ordered plain pasta with shaker cheese.  For those of you that aren't familiar, that would be parmesan.   Ruby must have really loved her dinner because never in all the years that I have known this child, has she ever been part of the "clean plate club."

We had yet another good dinner tonight at Lisa G's and recalled some great times shared here. Rest in peace beloved Isosceles Salad, we all loved you.  Courtesy of Drew, we have a picture of us wearing our sunglasses because we got a little teary eyed.  The tears that were shed had nothing to do with the salad, they were all for Jen and her upcoming absence.
We love you Jenny and can't wait to share dinner and drinks with you here again.


amy farrell said...

oh crap:(

Anonymous said...

i looooooved the isoceles salad! (i called it the "pod" salad)