Saturday, July 4, 2009

Greased Pole

Every year for the 4th of July, the Jay Volunteer Fire Department hosts their largest fundraiser for the year.  They start the day with a parade and then people move behind the fire house to enjoy activities and food until the fireworks at night. 
I love that I can buy fried bread dough less than a mile from my house, but my favorite thing about the 4th of July in Jay is the Greased Pole!  The Fire Department takes a twenty foot pole, greases it up with crisco or something, places money at the top, and then sticks it in the ground.  

How much money you ask?  Last year it was $100, this year with the economy like it is, I was told $80.  I could sit for hours watching people trying to climb up the pole for money. Unfortunately the weather was drizzly and not ideal to wait for someone to reach the top and claim their money.  

Here is a pictorial rundown of the kids attempt at getting the cash.  

The Beginning
 Adding the Next Stander 
Things are starting to look promising.  

He didn't have the calve muscles to remain standing, so he came down and a girl went up. 

I was happy to see a girl join in on the fun, but she didn't last either.  Just when no one was looking, the smallest one out of the group decided to go for it all by himself.  

He only made it about twelve feet up and I'm kind of glad because it is all fun and games until someone cracks their head open.  I guess to end this on a positive... at least he wasn't playing with fireworks.


FBF said...

Ah, the greased pole climb. We had an event like that at Paul Smith's one year. I don't recall what the event was, but that was one of the things they did. I did not participate, unfortunately.

Looks like a fun day. Hopefully Jay VFD was able to raise some money.

Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

ohh... that kind of greased pole
i thought it was a new club opening in ujay