Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic at Valley Grocery

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy for me and I haven't been spending much time along the Ausable.  This past weekend we were in Vermont and stopped by a couple General Stores.  I couldn't stop thinking about how quaint everything seemed in Vermont.

Having settled in at home and needing an afternoon snack, we stopped by the Valley Grocery in Keene Valley. 
Some might think of the Valley Grocery as "quaint" with the old floors, retro counter, and a corner that smells like mothballs.  To locals, it is a place to get a sandwich for lunch or a store where you can pick up a few necessities that can't wait until you go to a bigger grocer.

Today, I noticed a bunch of jarred items that had a country store feel to them that made me nostalgic.  At Valley Grocery, there are Mason jars full of pickled things, every type of jam you can imagine, and a variety of salsas.  

We picked up a jar of the Peach Chipotle Salsa to buy and after inspecting the label, we noticed it said "Made for Valley Grocery."  

I couldn't believe that I never noticed these jarred goods before and thought about how quaint they looked on the shelves.  Upon check-out we asked the woman at the counter where it was made and she said, "Louisiana."  

I have to be honest, I was relieved that she didn't say Vermont, but sad to discover that it wasn't a local jarring it up along the Ausable.  I can however appreciate the Louisiana love that went into canning the jar of salsa we bought, because it sure was tasty!  

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Nancy said...

The Valley Grocery is a great place to pick up some sandwiches and take them to eat along the Ausable. I appreciate how well stocked this little grocery is but I do wish the signage was a bit friendlier to in maybe allowing access to a restroom wouldn't kill them. All in all a very quaint and lovely place and the only place to pick up milk...except on Sundays because everyone needs a break now and then.