Friday, July 3, 2009

Share the Road

'Tis the season for athletes in training which means it is also the time when locals start complaining about dodging athletes on the roads.  Triathletes ride their bikes on the Ironman course through the narrow stretch of road in Cascade Pass on Rt. 73 and Wilmington Notch on Rt. 86 and drivers try avoid them.   

As a driver, it can become problematic when cyclists don't stay single file along the white line. You don't want to slam on your brakes because that could cause an accident behind you and you don't want to swerve into oncoming traffic and kill yourself, but it would also really ruin your day if you hit a human being.  I have several friends that are bikers and would agree that it would ruin their day if they were hit or if they were the cause of an accident. 

As a runner, I have had several close calls myself.  I always run facing oncoming traffic and when I see a vehicle, I get over to the left as much as possible.  Unfortunately, when drivers pass another car, it puts them in the lane that I am running in and oddly enough, I was not born with eyes in the back of my head.  It is frightening when you have a car that comes up behind you and is only arms length away traveling at 60 mph. 

Please take caution when training as an athlete and also as a driver.  I did not want to create an accident by taking a picture to show an example of bad cyclist etiquette.  Instead, I will share with all of you a bumper sticker that sums it all up, Share the Road.  

p.s. On this Fourth of July holiday weekend, please do not drink and drive/bike/run.

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FBF said...

Excellent information and advice. I've only been running for about a year, and also run against traffic. I had one close call with a kid who was texting while driving. Things are tight here on Cape Cod as well, with lots and lots of motorists, cyclists and runners trying to share the roads.

Enjoy the holiday.