Friday, July 24, 2009

Mystery Spot #7

I came across this old magazine at work today and thought it would make an interesting picture for you all to guess the location.  I am a bit fuzzy on the exact location myself, however the inside cover gave me a rough answer. At first I noticed the structure in the top right and thought it was the Covered Bridge, but upon further inspection it looks like a barn.  Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

Looks like River Road, about a quarter mile downstream from the ski jumps.

Along the Ausable said...

You amaze me! You are correct. The description said: "April anglers on the Ausable - one of the great trout streams of the East...Picture made not far from Club's Intervales skeet and trap field."

athomeintheadirondacks said...

I was gonna guess that but alas I'm about 3 years too late --- :)