Saturday, June 5, 2010

Allergy to City Living

I think I am allergic to cities. The second I crossed the Mid-Hudson Bridge and headed for Poughkeepsie, my body started freaking out.

My pulse quickened, my body temperature rose, and I started to break out into hives. I was experiencing sensory overload after being along the Au Sable for so long.

After picking up my registration materials for the conference I was attending, I immediately searched out a quiet spot. I wandered down the road in the opposite direction and found myself in Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's rose garden.

It was in the middle of these historical gardens, my breathing became steady again. Then, after seeing my old running buddy, M.M., I smiled. The sight of a high school friend combined with lovely gardens was the perfect prescription for a country gal like me standing on the outskirts of a city.

I have discovered I can handle visiting cities, but living in them just isn't for me. Sorry Charles and Thames, I won't be moving back to your river banks anytime soon. I prefer living on my quiet little lane along the Au Sable.


Anonymous said...

Used to cross that bridge at least 2 x a week during collage at the CIA! I loved it there....but this is HOME and where I wanna be!!!! David

JuneBug said...

ditt to the OH. i love visiting cities, but my stress level goes through the roof, and i am always always happy to get back home.