Saturday, June 26, 2010

Signs at Stein O' Hoff's

Thinking about all the signs outside of Steinhoff's has taken up a tremendous amount of my mental energy driving to and from work recently.

The main sign for Steinhoff's stands proudly on Rt. 86 just as you enter Wilmington. The sign screams, "Stop, you're done with work, come on in for a stein of German beer!"

The sign for Stein's Wines & Spirits is a little more discreet for those of you that just want to paper bag it.

You know, "Stein's" for short because it's only a short visit when buying alcohol as opposed to nursing a beer all night long. Oh, but wait...maybe it is Steinhoffs Liquor Store.

Are you confused? Do you need a shot of the infamous German, Jagermeister? Yes? Well, make your way to Hoff's Irish Pub. Wait. Irish?

My friend Jenny was visiting from Montana and she was the lucky gal that participated in my questioning of Steinhoff's employees. I mean, Hoff's. Whatever.

Ben proved to be the World's best bartender last night and didn't even get annoyed with my chatter. I don't think he looks German or Irish.

The new co-owner Jason, calls himself Irish, but we were in a bar and he might have been pulling my leg. Jason did talk with an Irish accent though. When asking him about Steinhoff's German-Irish partnership, he said, "Germany and Ireland are the combined forces of the alcoholic world." And with just that sentence, I understood.

Jason also informed me that he recently ordered an "O" to go in front of the Hoff's Irish Pub sign and also two leprechauns holding beers that will also be placed on the sign out front.

So, if you find yourself sitting on a rustic creation in wood (chair) on the new deck, wondering about all those signs, you might just want to go on in and ask. You are guaranteed a good time, no matter what nation you prefer.

Ms. Jenny, Montana is treating you well,
but never forget your wing lady.


Martha said...

I am nervous about these changes. I had first date with my husband and my wedding reception there. Hoffs Irish Pub??? Really???

And is the menu new yet, or just the old menu with lots of things out of stock as it was for ALL of May?

See? I am a little bitter.

But we do love Ben. So I am sure we will return.

Jenny said...

You can be my wing woman any time, any place.

Bartender said...

Thank you so much for coming out and visiting us Allison! Your insights and whimsical sense of humor are greatly appreciated.

I have been so blessed by the people I have met and friendships which have florished through being a part of Stienhoff's. I encourage everyone to be patient with our ever changing dynamics, and to feel free to share your ideas and feedback with us. After all, it is your community!

I truly hope this will continue to be a place where people can come for nourishment both of a physical and metaphysical nature. A place where old friends can come as they are and a place where new friendships are discovered.

I also want to send my love out to Bill, Martha and the kids. You guys are great, keep up the good work!

Allison you are a star! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your gifts of new friendships.

Much Love,


Ann said...

There was another sign at Steinhoffs today . . . it advertised Wing night on Tuesdays. Note that today is Wednesday. They must have a wing hangover and aren't able to manage bringing in the sign.