Friday, June 18, 2010

Morning Running

Early morning runs are the best. I've been missing out on them due to a few minor medical issues this Spring, but man oh man, I love them and they're back! I also love the comfort of my bed, but once I put on my running shoes and walk out the door, I slip into the stillness of the Au Sable River Valley.

I pass a couple pick up trucks on the road and raise my hand to wave. Slowly these vehicles remind me that I'm not the only one moving around. I say good morning to the cows in the pasture and they blink back.

When a couple sleepy miles have been completed, I start running a little faster and singing a little louder. I must be quite the site at 6 am belting out "Empire State of Mind" with one hand in the air, "Everybody say yeah, Come on, Come, YEAH!"

Thoughts run through my head and a quote I recently saw was stuck in my head this morning and feel that it describes me pretty dang well. "People who say that I'm not nice, don't know me. People who say that I am nice, know me. The people that say I am crazy, are my best friends."

I'd love a morning running partner, but of course you'd have to be okay with getting to know the craziness that goes along with me.


Jessie L. said...

If I lived up in Ausable I'd run with ya! I get up at 4 or 4:15 to run in the morning... It's rough, but early morning runs are just so invigorating! I wish I lived in a more scenic area, but for now, running the neighborhood streets does the job.

Ruby's MOM said...

love love love