Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lost Kittens!

Yesterday, one of my fellow cat crazy friends texted me first thing in the morning about two stray kittens she found near the property she is a care taker for. Having lost a cat around the same time that our Mango disappeared, she had already been thinking about being ready for another cat even before these kittens found her. She left food and water outside for them and we made plans to get together after work to figure out what to do.

We wrangled them into safety and brought them inside. Wolfgang (Wolfy) and Junipurr were happy they found a temporary home for the night.

After leaving Emilie, I couldn't help but think about how as a kid I'd ride with my father as we transported red squirrels from the "Have A Heart" trap and drive them 5 miles from home, cross two bridges and set them free at the beach.

Is it possible someone crossed Lacy Bridge with the kittens and dropped them off up the road to find a new home? I know not everyone likes cats and even some of our own friends dislike them so much that they have even joked that cats should just be dumped in the river. I am so glad that these cats were not put in a bag and thrown over the bridge into the Ausable.

When her husband went to check on the cats later that night, he noticed two sets of eyes near the bridge and saved two more kittens! So now there are four kittens available to be loved by one of you.

It just so happens that June is adopt a cat month and one of these kittens is available to snuggle up on your lap for free!

Here are a couple more pictures to show you how cute they are.

please love me.

A possible mother has been spotted and attempts have been made to get her to the kittens, so there may be an adult cat available for adoption too! Please consider taking one of these kittens and spread the word to any family or friends that might want to adopt or has any information on lost cats in the Lacy Road area. If you do not have Emilie or my contact information, please leave a comment below to be in touch.

Thank you!

p.s. Emilie has first choice


Laura said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor babies. We have a brother and sister adult cat that we rescued, and unfortunately are not looking for more kitties, but I will pass the word along. Hope they find homes. THEY ARE PRECIOUS!

Ann said...

What's the latest on the kittens? I want an update! Have they found homes? Did they get reunited with their Mom?

Along the Ausable said...

Three of the kittens still need a home and the mother has not been found. Please consider adoption, they're free and appear to be healthy.

Lake Placid Skater said...

They are so cute!! I would adopt one of them in a heartbeat but.....we can't have cats (or any other pets) in our apartment :( I wish you luck in finding a home for them!! :)