Monday, June 21, 2010

Unique Blue Bird House

I always loved the red bird house my parents had hanging in the pine trees behind their house. When we bought our home, they gave it to us. For two lonely years, it hung at the corner of the house empty.

Then today, as I walked up to our home, I heard a noise and spotted a little brown bird with a blue tail fly out of the hole of the bird house. Standing in the driveway by myself, I screamed, "Oh my God! We have Blue Birds!"

Not being sure, I checked our bird book and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology site. All searches confirmed that we have a family of Eastern Blue Birds as guests.

How can it be? We didn't research how to construct a special Blue Bird house.

I thought that these birds were supposed to be picky when selecting their house and Blue Birds required specific measurements and proper ventilation. That they only ever wanted to live attached to a post in a field near a shrub with gnomes living 100 feet away.

As it turns out, our blue birds had something else in mind. They had their eyes set on a cute red house with a sloping roof and brick chimney.

What Blue Bird wouldn't want to live here?


L said...

Heard you had a quake up there! Hope your birdies house is sound...

Along the Ausable said...

Thanks, L! With an already wonky bottom, I think that Mother Nature was testing the strength of their nest. It passed!