Thursday, June 17, 2010

His and Hers

While summer television is le suck, I have turned to my other obsession and have been house focused lately. We are in the home stretch with only one room left to renovate and 100 little projects to complete. We just did another purge of unwanted items and "stuff" is finding a place to rest. I can't help but notice how divided by sex our items are.

For instance, in one corner of the mud room, there is a pair of girly rubber boots coordinated next to a chair with a box full of rainbow colored hats and mittens.

In the other corner is a collection of vintage climbing gear next to a bin of mud toned hats and black gloves.

I like to cut fresh flowers to have around the house.

My husband likes to hang sharp, scary "objets de art".

I'd like to think that our books are separated by topic, rather than by his and hers.

Perhaps the outdoor guide book shelf is more unisex, since my use of that shelf is frequented more so than Drew's use of the pottery reference books.

We share the bed together, but I'm always on the left and he's on the right. Our clothes hang together in the closet, but on opposite sides. We use the same roll of toilet paper, soap in the shower and don't have assigned mugs in the morning, so we're not all that separate. I'd like to think of us as a well balanced team that lives well together and yes, loves each other too.

Okay, enough of the OCD talk, does anyone else have an imaginary line of separate but equal happening in your home too?


L said...

First, what is it about men and mud-colored clothing items? Pete has a fair share of things that in my opinion are no particular color at all.

Second, you have a lovely home. I love getting a peek into the corners every now and then.

Finally, I've been looking around trying to determin how his/hers divided our living space is. I think it is probably most apparent on our bookshelves where rows of Hunter S. Thompson go up against Twilight (Yes, I read them all in one summer and they were like crack: rots your brain, cheap, addictive, embarrassing. I'm trying to own it.).

eyeheartorange said...

I have a lot to say about this! No time right now but real quick: my husband has to have a water bottle with him at all times. I keep buying him nice stainless steel ones that don't make me cringe, but he promptly loses them. Recently, it was a hideous blue plastics Power Ade bottle, at least 1.5 litres. Blech, so ugly. But, I guess I want him to be well hydrated and he always has water for me next to the bed and in the car but he just needs to get that blue plastic is not one of my colors. Perhaps if it were orange it would be less offensive...

xoxo - T

JuneBug said...

all of our lines have been over taken by kid toys. but now it's being divided into baby stuff and big girl stuff. Keith and I do have separate dressers, and my car gets to be in the garage while his is relegated to the driveway, and all the pine needles...