Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camp Wood

Driving from Jay to Lake Placid for work I pass many locations with camp wood for sale.

One location outside of Upper Jay had plenty of fire wood for sale, it didn't appear to be bundled up though. Another confusing thing about this spot in particular was there was no clear sign telling me how much it cost or a box to put money in.

About a mile down the road, I came across some more camp firewood, the sign here was clear, $5. Unfortunately there was no wood, they must have been sold out since it's the end of the camping season here in the Adirondacks.

I happened to stop at the nice KOA campground just to see if they inflated their prices just because of the convenience factor. Sure enough, $5.75.

Just near the flume in Wilmington, there was a great sign for Fire Wood that definitely caught my attention. After getting out of the car to inspect, it seems like they do a great job keeping the bundles dry under a tarp. One funny thing though was on the back of the sign, it used to be $4. I wonder what made them charge the additional $1?

On the way home I took Rt. 86 and stopped at the place in Wilmington where they sell Adirondack Birdhouses and Camp Wood. Camp wood here is $5, nicely bundled, and a clear box to place your money.

Before you enter Jay on 86, there is another stop, Camp Wood for sale, $5 and they had tons of it and it looked like great wood.

So upon careful inspection today, the going rate seems to be $5 for a bundle. Drew was interested in the quality of the wood at each location or what kind of wood you would be purchasing. I am not the best at identifying chopped wood, but it all seemed to be very nice wood, some organized better than others though.


rabbit13676 said...

Hopefully, most bundles are hardwood!

kidsshoelady said...

Hey! I saw some on Springfield Road for $4.00! Near the Whiteface Chalet, they have it in a very fancy rack kind-of-thing, painted red, with a shingled roof! Looks like its birch, probably some pine. fyi :)

Along the Ausable said...

It's funny a week after I posted this blog I noticed a new camp wood stash on 86 just after the Adirondack Birdhouses. Sign: Best Price in Town! Price: $2.50!