Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hungry Trout

Last night was my 1 year anniversary with Drew and we thought we'd splurge on a nice dinner at the Hungry Trout in Wilmington on the West Branch of the Ausable River. I had never been to the Hungry Trout before even though it was one of my recommendations back when I was a Concierge.  They do a nice job with the decor with a theme of fishing and hunting.  The Hungry Trout doesn't go overboard as many other Adirondack restaurants can. Very tasteful.  We were lucky to be placed in the main dining room.  There is a great view of Whiteface mountain and the Ausable River.

Once seated, our server gave us some warm, rustic, homemade bread.  I ordered the Hungry Trout salad which was excellent and Drew helped me eat it.  The salad had mixed greens, cran raisins, roasted pine nuts and a nice vinaigrette.  After we gobbled that up, our meals came in large fish dishes.  I had the baked cod with olives, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  
Drew ordered the Trout special, almond encrusted trout with an amaretto butter sauce.  Both dishes came with lemon risotto and green beans.  I thought my dish was going to be more Mediterranean-ish, it was a little more spicy than I would have liked.  Not bad, just didn't realize it was going to be spicy cod.  Drew said his was, "Most delectable."  I tried his and I thought it was really good.  Personally I think anything encrusted means goodness.

There are non-fish items on the menu, but that's just what we happened to order last night.  One of their chicken dishes looked good as well as the filet mignon.  Overall we had a great meal.  When we were seated I noticed a light switch on the wall about a foot up from the floor. I had wondered what it was.  Right before sunset, the server flipped the switch and I asked her what it was for.  She said the river lights would turn on in about five minutes.  Sure thing.  The lights turned on and pointed down to the river.  At first it looked like they were shining on bushes, but as it got darker they lit up the river below.  Very romantic.  

Oh, I should mention that if you don't want to pay the price at the Hungry Trout you can eat below at their pub, R. F. McDougall's for lighter fare.  I hear they make a great burger there and I can't wait to try their cheese fries at the pub some day.  If I'm ever a Concierge again, I can be behind my recommendation at the Hungry Trout.


kidsshoelady said...

MMMMMMMMM ~ Hungry Trout. Isn't that the nicest place? The food downstairs at Mc Dougals is really good too. MMMMMMMMM ~ Cheese fries and hamburgers, you're making me hungry! BTW - Happy Anniversary ~ One whole year!

beebs said...

Sounds divine! Congratulations to you both! Have many more wonderful years together.

I have put the HT on my to try list when in the area.

Anonymous said...

If you like bagged mashed potatoes and frozen sysco bread the Hungry Trout is the place for you. In my opinion the food is overpriced and unenjoyable. You are paying for the beautiful veiw of the mountains but are sacraficing a good quality meal.