Friday, September 5, 2008

Jay Covered Bridge

In Jay, NY there is the historic covered bridge that was originally built in 1857. I won't pretend to go into all the historical details surrounding the bridge and Jay because I would probably get something wrong and someone would leave me a comment about how inaccurate my blog is. Since the first bridge was so old it started falling apart so they rebuilt the bridge and placed it at the original site. There was a lot of controversy surrounding how the new structure was constructed, but quite honestly I think any covered bridge is awesome. Planners of the new area along the Ausable River have put in a tennis and basketball court and put picnic benches down there too, all a very nice touch and nice addition to the Town of Jay.

One of the best things about living just up the street from the covered bridge is having lunch on the river rocks. I highly recommend any outing to this great spot.

I often have to nag Drew to go down to the river with me, I think he takes it for granted that we have such an awesome place to go and hang out. Maybe if there was wireless internet down there he'd be into it more.

The other day when we went there were tons of families sliding down the natural water slides and wading in the pools. People have all different techniques in going down the rapids, some people bring foam noodles, others just use their bodies and gravity, and some even bring tubes. I'm thinking I need to purchase a tube or blow up sled for next summer.

Oh, and by the way, for all you people out there that told me about the leeches that would hitch a ride on me, you are mistaken! I have found no leeches down at the covered bridge rapids or heard any screaming children running out of the water with blood suckers on them, maybe down below where the water is still, but I didn't run into any problems when I was wading on the other side soaking my legs. So, that's the end of that rumor.


eyeheartorange said...

Fun blog! Makes me homesick though...

eh!doodles said...

I love the new blog! Are there other gargoyles along the ausable? Keep me updated!