Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summit of Whiteface

For years my father always told a story about how he got his friend to hike up Whiteface Mountain with the promise of beer at the summit castle. Unfortunately for his friend, no beer.

Recently we had friends visiting us and Drew and Gregg wanted to check out the new trails Whiteface has been cutting. I of course wanted to see what the beer situation was at the castle twenty some years later. What better way to do this? Drive to top of course!

Once reaching the end of the Whiteface Memorial Highway one can choose to hike .5 mile or take an elevator to the summit 276 feet through granite. We tried the elevator going up (give me a break, I ran 18 miles the day before).

Here we are at the rocky summit:

After Drew and Gregg checked out the new ski trails and lift Whiteface workers have been working hard putting in this summer, I was off to check out what was inside the Summit Castle. The castle offers a gift shop and a small cafeteria. The gift shop had some really cool Coon Hats and Magic Lights that you could purchase.

The cafeteria offered sandwiches, cereal, sodas, and hot food. Still no beer. I asked a friend who works for Centerplate the catering company what the deal was. She messaged a coworker and she quickly received a text message back saying that they do not have a liquor license at the Summit Castle Cafe.

The summit of Whiteface truly is breathtaking! On a really clear day you can see as far as Montreal.

Who needs beer when you have a view like this?


rabbit13676 said...

LOVE your blog Alison. You have a great sense of humor and should submit for publishing!

Gregg said...

Alison the blog is fantastic! I look forward to keeping up with what's happening 'Along the Ausable.' Gregg and I have made it safely back to Utah. Thanks again to you and Drew for your hospitality. It was wonderful to meet you and Gregg wants you to know you can reach him via e-mail at
Keep up the most excellent blogging.

amy farrell said...

Magic lights! That's all you really need at the top of Whiteface Mountain! hahaha