Friday, February 20, 2009

Car Ride

The other day we took our cat Mango for a ride down Stickney Bridge Road here in Jay to check out some other animals that live near us.
I know what you are all thinking..."Crazy Cat Lady!"  Well... maybe I am, what's it to you?  In my defense, my husband didn't object to bringing Mango on our drive.

Mango likes going for car rides and I thought he would be interested in seeing the other animals in his neighborhood.  Our other cat Monty is not really a fan of being in the car so we left him at home.  We didn't feel bad about not including him in the adventure because he had plenty of action the day before when he caught two mice in the field out back.

On our drive down Stickney Bridge Rd, we were excited to see that the Caribou were close to the road and that they still had their antlers for Mango's viewing.  

Further down the road, Mango meowed at the shaggy cows. 
I think that he wanted to get out of the car and play with them, but I didn't think it would be a good idea since the mom cow started moving closer to Drew when he was taking a picture of the babies.  

At this point, we decided it was time to go home and get Mango inside.  He had seen some interesting animals and we didn't want him to get over stimulated.  I guess we'll leave the pot bellied pigs and alpacas for a different day.



Baggage Carrier said...

Don't forget to show Mango the goats at the Asgaard Farm! I am officially a huge fan of your blog (I also live on Stickney Br. Rd. and could totally relate). Keep up the interesting writing!

Carole said...

I think that's awesome you took Mango for a little "tour". Sometimes I take my cat in my truck to the bus stop to pick up my DD. I also have a cat stroller so I can take him for walks... :-P

Along the Ausable said...

I'd love to take pictures of the goats at Asgaard with Mango on his leash! I don't have a stroller for him, but that is something I secretly wish I had!

Anonymous said...

I always thought they were elk.Love your blog...thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi there.
Just wanted to let you know what you are calling Caribou are really elk..

Along the Ausable said...

Yeah, I guess caribou live in places like Alaska huh?