Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Henry's Woods

Today my friend Heather and I met up for some cross country skiing at Henry's Woods.  This is a new trail found off of Bear Cub Road in Lake Placid.  Henry's Woods is a quick 2.5 mile loop and no matter what direction you go, you start uphill for the first half or so.  Her dog Monty Moo took the lead early on and acted as our guide. He was an excellent guide and made sure we were safe when we skied across small wooden bridges and was patient when I would stop to take pictures and eat snow.  The reward after climbing the hill is a fun downhill.  If you've ever skied with me, you know this is my favorite part.  Anyone that might be enjoying the solitude and beauty of the woods, this usually means it is time to put your ear plugs in unless you want to hear me happily scream, "WOO, WOO!  WOO, WOO! WOOOOOOO!!!"  

It was a good day and Henry's Woods passed my fun factor test!  Happy Skiing!


Chipper said...

I love to yell woo wooo too!

Anonymous said...

and you linked to my story! wooo wooo!