Friday, February 6, 2009

Cowbell Season

Today kicked off the Luge World Championships, the first of three World Cup events being held in Lake Placid this month.   Some might refer to this as Cowbell Season.  

To get the school kids excited, I did my part by brainwashing them into buying cowbells by rattling them obnoxiously and yelling, "Cowbells, get your cowbells!" 

I hear it was an exciting day with Brian Martin and Mark Grimmette winning a bronze in Men's doubles and Erin Hamlin taking the gold winning the women's Luge World Championships!  I would have loved to see it, but unfortunately there was work to be done at the lower lodge that didn't include rattling the cowbell.  

Believe me I was disappointed that I wasn't watching the action and ringing a cowbell of my own.  I know Christopher Walken would have been upset too and so here is a short tribute video in his honor!  

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely loving your LP sharing!!